20th Annual International Mars Society Convention

University of California, Irvine, CA

September 7-10, 2017


Rise to Mars

Music by Oscar Castellino
Words by Oscar Castellino and Robert Zubrin
Arrangement by James Welland

The new inspirational anthem “Rise to Mars” will be sung by Oscar Castellino

accompanied by James Welland at the Mars Society banquet September 9, 2017

Here are the words of "Rise to Mars"


Rise to Mars! Men and women
Dare to dream! Dare to strive!
Build a home for our children.
Make this desert come alive!

There are challenges before our eyes
That nature never knew
 But the power of human enterprise
 Shall take us through and through!


Rise to Mars! Men and women
 Dare to dream! Dare to strive
 Build a home for our children
Make this desert come alive!

Come along raging nations
Altogether hopeful spirits
Bring an end to strife
For our future lies beyond the skies

Rise to Mars! Men and women
Dare to dream! Dare to strive!
Build a home for our children
Make this desert come alive!

Come along, altogether
For our future
Rise to Mars!

The premier of “Rise to Mars” at the Royal Welsh Symphonia may be viewed on the Mars Society YouTube Channel



Wednesday, September 6 (Pre-Convention Events)

6pm-7pm - Early Registration

University of California, Irvine

A311 Student Center

Irvine, CA92697


7pm-10pm - Steering Committee Meeting

(The first hour is open to the public)

University of California, Irvine

A311 Student Center

Woods Cove C

Irvine, CA 92697


Thursday, September 7

Pacific D

9:00am - Opening Plenary
Dr. Robert Zubrin - President, The Mars Society

9:30am - Plenary
Greg Benford - Author & Astrophysicist, UC Irvine

10:00am - Plenary
George Whitesides - CEO, Virgin Galactic

10:30am - Plenary
Vera Mulyani - CEO, Mars City Design

11:00am - Plenary
Loretta Hildalgo-Whitesides - Author & Consultant, Virgin Galactic


11:30pm - 1:00pm - Lunch Break


Pacific D

1:00pm - 4:00pm Aerospace Workforce Development Symposium


“Opening Space to Change the World for Good” George Whitesides, CEO, Virgin Galactic

Panel Discussion
“Educating the Future Aerospace Workforce”
Landon Taylor, CEO Base 11; Al Bunshaft, SVP Global Affairs, Americas, Dassault Systèmes; Noramay Cadena, Cofounder and Managing Director, Make in LA; Dennis Harkins, President, Orange Coast College; Maria Tirabassi, Engineering Vice President, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems; Gregory Washington, Stacey Nicholas Dean of Engineering, UCI; Jason Hatakeyama, Chief Architect & Sr Director Product Lifecycle Management, Boeing

Continued Panel Discussion “Educating the Future Aerospace Workforce”

“Caltech/Base 11 Aerospace Mentorship Program: Learning by Experience,” David Huynh, Caltech and “WSU Innovation Campus: Creating Stronger Industry Partnerships through Applied Learning,” John Tomblin, Wichita State University

“To Infinity and Beyond” Jeremy Bout, The Edge Factor

Aerospace Workforce Development Symposium Q&A and Closing Remarks

4:00pm - 7:00pm
Aerospace Workforce Development Expo


1:00pm - 5:00pm - Session Tracks:


Technology Track 1  PACIFIC B

Technology Track 2


Political/Philosophical Track 1 - MOSS COVE B


Morgan Irons; The Deep Space Ecology Three-Zone Model: Results of Recent Experimentation with Ecological and Environmental Mechanisms and Demonstration of Key Concepts of Operation for Quasi-Closed Eco-Agricultural Systems

Shyam Nair, Allen Frederick I. A., Abhisek BalasubramaniamArachnidan 6 Wheeled All Terrain Explorer Equipped with a 7 DOF Robotic Arm

Bruce Cordell; Human Spaceflight to Mars as a Self-Organized Critical System


James French; Optical Mining - A New Approach to Obtaining Space Resources for Mars

S. Bahram Sadighian; Horizontal Takeoff and Landing to Low Earth Orbit

James HeiserThe Civilizational Continuity and the Martian Frontier


John E. Parks; Look to the Sea: Applying Knowledge and Lessons from the Management of Earth's Oceans for Permanent Human Habitation on Mars

Doug Plata; The Moon: A Stepping Stone to Mars?

Marvin Hilton; Exploring Mars to Civilize Earth


T. Gordon Wasilewski; Acquisition of Water from Western Utopia Planitia Subsurface: Theoretical Analysis of Sampling and Production Technologies

Ted Ground; "Step One", an Auspicious D-Type NEO Multiple Mission: Destination Deimos 2020

Craig Davidson; Why NASA’s Current Direction will Never get us to Mars


Thibault Paris; Design and Building of a 3D Printed Pressurized Martian Spacesuit

Kent Nebergall; Near Term Space Settlement Risk Reduction Missions

Doug Plata; What is the Business Case for Mars Settlement?


Matthew ForirThe Case for the use of Electrical Resistivity on Mars

Art Harman; Cis-Lunar? Why a Lunar Surface Base Will Get us to Mars - and a Lunar Orbital Station Won't

Kent NebergallRapid Space Development: Grand Challenges and Vast Opportunities


Julian ZeaA Self-Sufficient Mars Colony

Craig Davidson; Improving the SpaceX Mars Colonization Plans

Art Harman; A New Hope - President Trump's Space Policy


Ronald Hattie, The Cost per Pound to Orbit

Craig Davidson; The SharkFin Magnetic Sail



5:00pm - 7:00pm - Dinner Break


Pacific D

7:00pm - Panel
Sci Fi Greats - The Human Future in Space

Greg Benford - Author and Astrophysicist
David Brin
Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle


Friday, September 8

Pacific D

9:00am - Plenary
Shannon Norrel - Hewlett-Packard, “Mars 2030: Future Travel to Mars Experienced Today by Virtual Reality”

9:30am - Plenary
Dava Newman - Former Deputy Administrator, NASA

10:00am - Plenary
Paul Davies - Director, Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, “Searching for a Shadow Biosphere on Mars and Earth”

10:30am - Plenary
Joe Carroll - Tether Applications, “Living Beyond Earth, in Partial Gravity”

11:00am - Plenary
Robert Pappalardo - Project Scientist, Europa Clipper, JPL

12:00pm - 12:30pm Special Lunch Plenary
John Grotzinger - Former Project Scientist, MSL, NASA, “The Curiosity Mission”


12:00pm - 1:00pm - Lunch Break


1:00pm - 5:00pm - Session Tracks:


Technology Track 3

Technology Track 4


Medical Track 1


Outreach Track 1



Afanasenko Ekaterina, David Ture Gustav Wikström, Space Food Laboratory: Transformations of space food from the beginning of space era to the future Mars colonies

Eric Robinson, John Hunter; Green Launch - Cannons to the Planets,

Using Low cost Impulse Launch to access LEO at 1/50th  the cost of rocket launch for fuel and supplies needed for a robust Mars Mission.

Susan Jewell, Matteo Borri, Nicholas Jewell, Matthieu Komorowski, Sheryl Bishop, Emmy Jewell; Developing Telesurgery-Teleanesthesia Protocols, Integrating 3D Printing of Surgical Tools, and Testing Viability of 3D Virtual Reality Technologies

Philippe Clermont, Richard Heidmann; Mars Colonization: from Prospect to Project


Marcus Anzengruber; How Augmented and Virtual Reality will get us to Mars and help Colonize the Planet

Thomas E. Markusic, PhD; An Incremental Strategy for Mars Colonization Part I: Material Supply Fleet

Dr. Jose Antonio Soto, MD; MARS: Hikers Wanted

Adam Lupsha; Speaking Martian to Earthlings - A Primer on Using PR and Storytelling Principles to Pitch Your Science


Aswath Suresh, Sri Harsha, Vinay Teja, Debrup Laha, Gautam Ranjan, Shivam Bharadwaj, Dhruv Gaba; Exploration-Probe to Jupiter Moon Europa

Darrin Taylor; Free Delivery with Your Order

Christoph LahtzSpace Biology is the Key to Establish Celestial Sustainable Human Settlements

Mary TurzilloMars: Humanity's Evolving Vision


Aswath Suresh, Sri Harsha, Vinay Teja, Debrup Laha, Gautam Ranjan, Shivam Bharadwaj, Dhruv Gaba; Innovative Human Mars Mission with Vertical Farming

Joe Lingren, Kiva Villegas, Wesley Yu; Low-Mass EDL Designs for Manned Mars Missions

William Gardiner; Better Martians, Better Humans: Will Genetic Therapy Allow Better Living on Both Mars and Earth

Peter Detterline, Gary Becker; Two New Astronomical Observatories at MDRS


Dr. Joseph Parker; Advanced Propulsion Systems for the Colonization of Mars

Abigail Riggs; The Use of Geophysical Techniques to Locate and Monitor Potential Martian Aquifers

Jan Millsapps, PhD; How to Get (More of Us) to Mars


George Lordos; Evaluating the Sustainability of Long Term Manned Mars Campaigns Using a Physical Economics Framework

Mikolaj OwczarzakAugmented Reality and Telepresence Technologies in Future Mars Exploration Missions

Bill Hargenrader, Jeff Pernell, Ron Sparkman; Healthy Eating on Mars: Stepwise Local Approach to Whole-Foods (M:SLAW)

James Melton, PhD; Top 10 Ways to be a Mars Messenger


Michał HałonMars Rover Design with SKA Robotics


Dr. Ashish Gothwal; A Prototype of Full-body Artificial Gravity Harness

James Burk; Mars Society Internet Task Force - Conquering Cyberspace for Mars




Dr. Ashish Gothwal; Hypothesis: A New Era of Space Suits



5:00pm - 7:00pm - Dinner Break

7:00pm - Panel

What should be the way ahead for NASA?

8:00pm - Panel
Panel - The SpaceX Plan for Mars

9:00pm - Special Presentation
Mars in Film


Saturday, September 9

Pacific D

9:00am - Plenary
Carol Stoker - Planetary Scientist, Ames Center, NASA

9:30am - Plenary
Xavier D. Simon - Advanced Space Exploration Configuration Design Lead, Boeing

10:00am - Plenary
Mars 160 Crew Presentation

10:30am - Skype Session
Dr. Mohammed Naser Al-Ahbabi, PhD. - Director-General, UAE Space Agency

11:00am - Panel
Social & Philosophical Implications

Jim Pass
Greg Benford
Paul Davies
James Heiser



12:00pm - 1:00pm - Lunch Break



 1:00pm - 5:00pm - Session Tracks:


Technology Track 5


Technology Track 6


STEM Track 1


Political/Philosophical Track 2



Holger Isenberg; Practical Color Calibration for Mars Surface Images

Robert Madsen; Virtual Reality - Simulating the Simulation

Bob Barboza; Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Fellowship Programs for Middle and High School Students

Mohsen Marefat; Social Implications of Mars Exploration


David Kutas, Alexis Koulidis, Monica Stancu; Extraterrestrial Drilling Operations - A Fundamental Research

Gerald Black; Nuclear Fusion: Clean, Safe and Cheap Energy and the Next Giant Leap in Space Propulsion

Nicholas Jewell, Emmy Jewell, Susan Jewell, Mark Kaushal; A 21st Century S.T.E.A.M.E.D™ Academy Creating Experiential Learning with Exponential Technologies Offering VR/AR Astronautic Programs and Fully Immersive “Real-time” Simulators for Training NextGen Analog Astronauts, Imagineers, and Astropreneurs

Brent Lane; New World/New Worlds: Parallels in the Evolution of Enterprise-based Exploration Financing from the 16th and 21st Centuries


Kurt ChankayaThe Human Factor: Manned or Unmanned - Some Thoughts on Mission Resilience

Matteo Borri; Pneumatic Survey System for Martian Atmosphere

Matthew Luttenberger; M.A.R.S. University

Dr. Martin Fowler; The Time is Right for a Martian Covenant


Kurt ChankayaThe Use of Atmospheric in-situ Resources for Radiation Protection on the Surface of Mars

Art Harman; Don't Destroy ISS in 2024 - Privatize it!

Zach Whitten; Whittenberg Country School Parallax Robots

Amir NoteaFrederico Monaco, Irene Lia Schlacht, Antonio Del Mastro; Socially Organizing Large Scale Mars Missions: What we can Learn from Earthlings


Prasad FalkeWhat Improvements to the Deep Space Network are Needed to Support Manned Missions to Mars?

Art Harman; Mars Flyby - Do it in the 2020s, not the 2030s

Ivo GeorgievMarsianSchool

Robert RiccardiON/TO MARS! - A Private Funding Proposal for Mars Landing/Exploration/Outpost Leading to a Permanent Settlement


Kambiz EqbalAn Approach through "Energy Offering Methods" throughout the Human Establishment in the Martian Environment; Providing Feasible/ Most Efficient Scenarios to Every Operational Stage

Vinod Sridhar; Mars Electromagnetic Radiation Shielder (MERS)

Mark Cusimano, Steven Shields; Mars Regolith Simulant as a STEM Education Resource

Danny Quintana; Space and Ocean Exploration, the Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex


PP Edward Heisler; The US Should End the Ban on NASA Working with China

Hoppe Jennings; Mission to Mars: A way to teach middle school science.

John Stone; How to Fund a Private Expedition to Mars


Melodie Yashar; Mars Ice House: Designing for Human Factors in Space Exploration Architectures

Henry Stirk; Free Mars


5:00pm - 5:30pm - Break



5:30pm - 6:30pm - Cash Bar


Pacific D

6:30pm - 11:00pm Mars Society Banquet

Song: Rise to Mars: Oscar Castellino

Banquet Speaker: Anousheh Ansari - First Female Private Space Explorer

Mars Society Awards Ceremony

Remarks by Dr. Robert Zubrin, Mars Society President


Sunday, September 10

Pacific D

9:00am - Plenary
Dr. Darlene Lim - Geobiologist, Ames Center, NASA

9:30am - Plenary
Geoffrey Landis - Author & Planetary Scientist, NASA

10:00am - Plenary
TBD - Lockheed Martin Mars Mission

10:30am - Plenary
The University Rover Challenge

11:00am- Plenary

The University Rover Challenge

11:30am - Closing Remarks
Dr. Robert Zubrin, President, The Mars Society